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Estate Planning 101 – Wills and Trusts

 While most people don’t get excited about the idea of estate planning or setting up wills and trusts, it’s an important task that’s better started sooner rather than later, especially given the common complexities of finances and family dynamics. Having an estate plan in place ensures your property and assets are distributed according to your […]

4 Things to Review in Your Estate Plan Before 2023

It’s incredible how much life changes from year to year. The changes may seem small as they happen, but they can become massive transformations over time. This is especially true when marriages, divorces, births, and adoptions impact a family.    That’s why reviewing your estate plan every year is especially critical. Doing so will ensure that […]

Through proper planning, a gift you choose to leave can be encouraging, inspiring, or even life-changing. There are several ways to leave behind gifts through estate planning for causes you care about. Here are some ways you can choose to give and some key things you might want to consider.  A Specific Bequest for Your […]