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Using Qualified Personal Residence Trusts to Reduce Estate Taxes

A Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT) can be a useful estate planning tool for strategically reducing gift and estate tax burdens on your beneficiaries when the asset is transferred.  How QPRTs Work: A QPRT is an irrevocable trust. Once you transfer a property into the trust, you will not be able to take back ownership. […]

Estate Planning Tips: Avoiding Accidental Disinheritance

Most people are aware that disinheriting someone is the intentional act of preventing a person from receiving a share of the deceased’s estate. But “accidental” or “unintended” disinheritance is what happens when someone fully intends to leave assets to a family member, but improper or inaccurate estate planning practices result in that person being disinherited, […]

Important Considerations for High Net Worth Estate Planning

 Most people are familiar with the basic needs of an estate plan: Will, Revocable Living Trust, Durable Power of Attorney and a Living Will or Health Care Power of Attorney. But high net worth estate planning requires individuals to also ensure that their estate plans are sophisticated and thorough enough to protect larger assets like […]

Estate Planning: Gifting Strategies to Consider

 With the expected gift tax changes looming on the horizon, many clients are looking at ways to restructure estate plans to avoid estate and gift taxes. In this post, we’ll look at a few estate planning gifting strategies to consider: Family Trusts, Gifting Plans, Life Insurance Trusts, Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATS), and Spousal Limited […]

Plan Now for 2026 Estate & Gift Tax Changes

  The estate and gift tax exemption amount (currently $12.92 million per individual and $25.84 million for married couples) reverts to its pre-2018 levels (adjusted for inflation), if Congress fails to act prior to December 31, 2025. Projections vary, but it is estimated that the 2026 estate and gift tax exemption could be as low […]

4 Things to Review in Your Estate Plan Before 2023

It’s incredible how much life changes from year to year. The changes may seem small as they happen, but they can become massive transformations over time. This is especially true when marriages, divorces, births, and adoptions impact a family.    That’s why reviewing your estate plan every year is especially critical. Doing so will ensure that […]

Through proper planning, a gift you choose to leave can be encouraging, inspiring, or even life-changing. There are several ways to leave behind gifts through estate planning for causes you care about. Here are some ways you can choose to give and some key things you might want to consider.  A Specific Bequest for Your […]

Estate Planning Unplanned Inheritance When an owner dies, without specific planning, their business interest becomes a part of their estate. Without a will or directive, the assets in the estate will be transferred in probate according to state law. This transfer could also result in tax consequences depending on the value of the estate.  As […]